We find new and better ways to solve our client’s problems, whether they need a bespoke product or modifications to those they already have.

But, we don’t wait for our customers to come to us. We’re always looking for new ways of making the construction and maintenance of manholes easier and safer. Here are some of the techniques we use.

Rapid Prototyping

Accurate, economical and efficient, rapid prototyping with our 3D printer is the smart way to prove our ideas work. We can produce single parts up to 240mm x 200mm x 150mm in a white ABS like plastic from your drawings or *.stl files with a layer thickness of 28microns and an accuracy of 0.1mm.

Hotwire Cut Expanded Polystyrene

Our cut polystyrene service uses 3 axis computer controlled hot wire cutters. Batch size can be from single parts to thousands with a maximum work piece size of 2440mm x 1220mm x 610mm. The material can be assembled to form larger components either at our factory or designed for assembly on site. Accuracy and repeatability can be specified within millimetres.


If you need a product or advice, we can help.


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